Kudankulam: a settled issue

K.S. Parthasarathy * The Mint 16 June 2013 ** Criticizing nuclear power as an inherently dangerous energy source is now a fashion in the world. Such criticism is especially pernicious and misplaced in an energy starved country like India. One way of holding nuclear energy as an unsafe option is to claim that nuclear regulation … Continue reading Kudankulam: a settled issue


Kudankulam: the unsettled queries

M V Ramana * Mint, 05 June 2013** On 6 May, the Supreme Court dismissed a plea seeking to halt the commissioning of the Kudankulam nuclear reactors in Tamil Nadu till the implementation of key additional safety measures recommended after the catastrophic Fukushima accident of 2011. The court’s argument was that the project is “part … Continue reading Kudankulam: the unsettled queries