NLA and Journal of Risk Research Publication

Special Issue “Nuclear energy law and decision-making in India” Journal of Risk Research, Volume 17, Issue 1, 2014*

Nuclear energy law and decision-making in India (Editorial)

Ram Mohan M.P. & Rajesh Babu R.


Indian nuclear fuel cycle decision-making: an analysis of influences

James E. Platte


‘One in infinity’: failing to learn from accidents and implications for nuclear safety in India

M.V. Ramana & Ashwin Kumar


India’s nuclear energy renaissance: stuck in the middle?

A. Vinod Kumar


Environmental risk regulation and the Indian Supreme Court: an exercise in de-formalization of the law?

Nupur Chowdhury


International investment treaty implications for the Indian position on nuclear liability

Vyoma Jha


Placing the Indian civil nuclear liability regime in context: the extent of supplier’s liability

Ayushi Sutaria


Nuclear liability law of India: an appraisal of extent of liability, right of recourse and transboundary applicability

Ram Mohan M.P.


Underground nuclear repositories and international civil liability: the time factor

Patrick Reyners


Dynamics of legal regime on safety of nuclear power plants in India after Fukushima disaster

Anupam Jha