Special Issue: Nuclear Energy and Indian Society: Public Engagement, Risk Assessment and Legal Frameworks

Journal of Risk Research: Vol 18, Issue 8, 2015

Guest Editors: Ram Mohan M. P.and Rajesh Babu R.


Organisational risk perception and transformations in India’s nuclear establishment: Catherine Mei Ling Wong

Negligence, capture, and dependence: safety regulation of the design of India’s Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor: M.V. Ramana & Ashwin K. Seshadri

Nuclear energy and risk assessment by Indian courts: analysis of judicial intervention in the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project: M.P. Ram Mohan & Akshay Shandilya

United States and India: two nuclear states with legislation that truly holds responsible parties liable in case of a nuclear accident: Evelyne M. Ameye

Japan-India civil nuclear energy cooperation: prospects and concerns: Hiroaki Nakanishi

Nuclear licensing in the United States: enhancing public confidence in the regulatory process: Tyson Smith