Certificate Course on “Nuclear Energy and Law”, 11-16 January 2016, New Delhi

Jointly organised by Nuclear Law Association, India (NLA) & TERI University, New Delhi (TU)

11 Monday – 16 Saturday, January 2016

Venue: TERI University, Vasant Kunj Campus, New Delhi

(Applications closed)

Winter Course 2016 v10

The objective of the NLA-TU Winter Course is to familiarise the participants with:

  1. the basic understanding of nuclear science and technology;
  2. the legal history and international engagement, with a focus on Global South;
  3. the functioning of a nuclear power plant;
  4. the IAEA – its history, codes and guidelines -, and international nuclear treaties;
  5. regulatory structures and liability regimes of select jurisdictions; and
  6. India’s nuclear laws and regulatory processes, siting and consent procedures, environmental law and judicial decisions in India.

Study Trip to Narora Nuclear Power Plant

In association with the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL), a technical study trip to the Narora Nuclear Power Plant in UP is planned. The trip is only for Indian nationals.

Faculty – Legal, Scientific, Industry and Diplomacy Professionals from:

  • Department of Atomic Energy (India)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • OECD – Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD-NEA)
  • Diplomats, lawyers, nuclear insurance industry and research Institutes

Participants (max. 35):

  • Lawyers, legal advisers and counsels;
  • Nuclear scientists, policy makers, and officials from various nuclear institutions;
  • Representatives from regulatory institutions and company professionals;
  • Social science researchers and faculty;
  • Law professors and researchers; and
  • PhD students, and 4th and 5th year law students.

Fees for 6-day course

  1. Rs. 25,000 per person.
  2. Rs 60,000 for three persons from the same organization.
  3. Rs. 10,000 for NLA members / and Rs. 5000 for students.

The fee includes – lunch and tea for the duration of the course, the course materials and travel to the Narora Nuclear Power Plant.  Accommodation is not covered.


Course Directors:

M P Ram Mohan, Associate Professor, TERI University, New Delhi:                                     Phone: (+91) 92127-63410, Email: mprmohan@teri.res.in

R Rajesh Babu, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata:                     Phone: (+91) 98310-31540,Email: rajeshbabu@iimcal.ac.in

 Coordinator & enquiry:  

Ms. Rishika Singh, Lawyer and Researcher: Phone: (+91) 88004-56888,                                   Email: singhrishika@gmail.com