Workshop on ‘Nuclear Liability, Compensation and Insurance’

Government, Industry and Civil Society Engagement

“Practice of Nuclear Liability, Compensation and Insurance: National and International Experience”

5-6 August 2016, GNLU Campus, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Organized by: Gujarat National Law University & TERI University

Supported by: Nuclear Law Association

Programme Agenda


  1. To comprehend causes of nuclear accident from a technical and regulatory perspective through nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, and incidents in India
  2. Understand the international law relating to nuclear liability, insurance and compensation and the changes that are been sought as part of modernisation
  3. Learn the legal and policy framework on nuclear liability and compensation in India
  4. Know how insurance mechanisms are formulated, evolved and practised; experiences from OECD, United States and India
  5. Hear the voices of stake-holders consisting of operator, suppliers, vendors and civil society


Nuclear industry, suppliers & vendors; energy consultants & researchers; lawyers; media; civil society; insurance & re-insurance company; students


Ms Harsha Rajwanshi, Assistant Professor, Gujarat National Law University <>

Workshop Director:

M P Ram Mohan, Associate Professor, TERI University & President, Nuclear Law Association, <>